Veterans Park’s Red Trail Redone

If you are looking for a great way to spend an afternoon, visit the Red Trail at Veterans Park. It’s part of a greater loop, including the blue and yellow trails; the whole loop is 2.5 miles in length. Park at 40 Conkling Road in Ledgewood and start on the blue trail. Once you are on the easement road where the trail widens, look on your left for the start of the red trail.

This trail explores the eastern side of Mooney Mountain, winding through large rock outcroppings that look like giant sleeping turtles, and a walk over bouldery rocks.

The red trail also passes by a stone structure with mysterious beginnings. Look for the painted rocks all through the trail for an added bit of fun!

When the red trail ends, turn right onto yellow trail. At end, turn right onto blue trail. Look for two dirt bikes about 25’ up in the trees, on the left side of the blue trail (before the easement road ends).

Special thanks to Joan and Bruce Blondina for adopting this trail, and making such great improvements like clearing and widening the trail, reblazing, proper rock placement and the removal of trees and debris. Your work is appreciated by all who visit this beautiful trail!

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