Kayaking in Roxbury

Did you know that kayaks, canoes and rowboats are allowed at Black River Pond in Roxbury? To make it even more enticing, a future Eagle Scout has installed a dock to easily launch your watercraft from the shoreline. Corey Smith completed his Eagle Scout Project on Saturday, October 3, 2020. The kayak launch dock isContinue reading “Kayaking in Roxbury”

Bear Season

Fall is a great time to hike the trails and enjoy the foliage show, but be aware that there are bears in the forested areas of Roxbury. To avoid an encounter with a bear: Do not feed or approach the bear! Bears are wild animals and their behavior can be unpredictable. Remain calm and makeContinue reading “Bear Season”

Roxbury’s Adopt-a-Trail Program

Having a favorite trail in town to hike can feel like a wonderful getaway close to home. When your piece of solitude is broken by trash or damage, you may feel like restoring it to its pristine, natural condition. A perfect solution is to Adopt-A-Trail! Available trails are: Veterans Park Yellow Trail Veterans Park GreenContinue reading “Roxbury’s Adopt-a-Trail Program”