Prevent Lyme Disease!

Wear repellent.  Use a repellent with 20% DEET.  Also, clothing treated with Permethrin kills ticks.

 Check for ticks daily.  Check for ticks on you and your children.  Ticks like to hide in folds of skin   and in the hair.  Check your pets too!

Shower soon after being outdoors.  Shower after being outdoors to remove ticks.  Tumble clothes     in a hot dryer to kill hidden ticks.

Call your doctor if you get a fever or rash.  A Lyme disease rash may appear within 3 – 30 days,      followed by fever, muscle and joint pain, or fatigue.

For further information please visit these websites:

Register to Clean Up Black River Park!

Stream Clean-Up at Black River Park

Join the Environmental Committee and Trails Committee to clean up this beautiful, scenic park. Ramsey Outdoor will be there with canoes for residents to use, to help collect trash from the pond’s banks. Register for Saturday, April 22nd, 9am-12pm, at lack River Park, Main Street, Succasunna. Help to keep these waters trash-free! Register by April 4th to be guaranteed clean-up supplies. Registration is at To register a group of 15+ people, please email Jackie at Sponsored by the Raritan Headwaters Association.

Hit the Trails This Season!

Winter is the best time to take a hike… It’s a great time to dress warm and set out under clear blue skies and enjoy the peacefulness of the outdoors. Without the foliage on the trees, the views are great! Some trails with views of distant peaks are the Ice Age Trail, and  Ledgewood Park’s yellow trail. A visit to Veterans Park’s green or yellow trail will afford gorgeous views of the Succasunna Valley.

Special thanks to Boy Scout Troop 163 and the Roxbury Trails Committee for a day cleaning up the trails at Ledgewood/Morris Canal Park on November 12th!



National Trails Day Picture Winner

Saturday, June 4th was a beautiful day to be on Roxbury Trails!! We hope you all enjoyed a hike… Here’s the winner of our scavenger hunt pic for the day. Thanks, Crystal, for submitting your pic. This is the tree at the Ice Age Trail, which decided to grow inside a tire:

13398461_1940864786139811_2095858239_n It’s never too late to enjoy a hike and take part in the scavenger hunt. Feel free to send in a pic any time!

National Trails Day 2016

Saturday, June 4th, marks National Trails Day as designated by the American Hiking Society. Enjoy this day on a Roxbury Trail! Review the Scavenger Hunt below, personalized to each trail…something unique and interesting to find while you enjoy your nature experience. Take a pic and submit below, for us to share on this website! Download here 2016 6 Trails Day Scavenger Hunt2016 6 Trails Day Scavenger Hunt

Veterans Park Red Trail ReBlazed

On Friday, April 22, 2016, two members of the Trails Committee visited the new red trail and painted blazes on the trees. The trail, created by Trails Committee Chairman Jake Kovalcik, has been visited frequently and reports were given that the blazes were removed from the trees which made it a challenge to follow the trail.

The red trail, which stems off of the blue trail at the Conkling/Mountain Roads trailhead and meets up with the yellow trail, is now well-blazed and easy to follow.

Red Trail Blazed