Hike With a View

A less-traveled trail in Roxbury, the Yellow Trail in Veterans Park offers a great view of the Succasunna Valley. Parking for this trail is 45 Patricia Drive in Flanders. This trail is a loop, and includes part of the Blue Trail. Start at the kiosk where the blue trail begins, and cross over the easement road (where the blue trail turns) to where the yellow trail begins.

Some of the yellow trail is rocky. You will come upon a well-crafted picnic table, which is where the best views of the valley are. Continue on the trail through a wooded path, and come out a bit further down on Patricia Drive; walk to the right to get back to your car.

A small section of the trail needs a bit of work to widen it, but the rest of the trail is clear and easy to navigate. It’s a perfect trail to get away from it all.

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