Roxbury’s Adopt-a-Trail Program

Having a favorite trail in town to hike can feel like a wonderful getaway close to home. When your piece of solitude is broken by trash or damage, you may feel like restoring it to its pristine, natural condition.

A perfect solution is to Adopt-A-Trail! Available trails are:

  • Veterans Park Yellow Trail
  • Veterans Park Green Trail
  • Veterans Park Blue Trail
  • Black River Trail
  • Riggs Trail

A sign naming you/your family/ business/group will be posted showing your affiliation at the kiosk of the trail.  Responsibilities would include:

  • Signing of contract for a one-year agreement
  • Minimum trail clean-ups of two times per year, early spring and early fall
  • Gloves and bags will be provided by Roxbury Recreation and DPW Department’s Clean Communities Program
  • Report to Roxbury Recreation any maintenance needed on the trail, such as a downed tree, stream blockage or missing trail markers
  • Report to Roxbury Recreation any damage on the trail, such as graffiti, structures, party spots

We appreciate volunteers like you to help maintain our growing trail system! Thanks!

For additional information, please contact Roxbury Recreation at 973-448-2016 or Roxbury Trails Committee at

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