Ledgewood Park/Morris Canal Park Trails

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The gold trail, which is 1.35 miles, starts adjacent to remnants of the Morris Canal. These remnants include a turbine and an incline plane, along with interpretive information at the start of the trail. This trail has a steep ascent, which peaks in a beautiful rocky area, full of glacial boulders.  The top offers a scenic northern view.  The descent is also fairly steep, and an unmarked trail includes a view of an old mine.

The blue trail is .9 miles long, and is largely a a wide, unpaved easement road, making it a great trail for children.  There are elevation changes and rocky areas along the trail, plus some wet areas to cross.

On the map below, please note that the yellow trail is the entire outer ring; it overlaps the lower curved portion of the blue trail.

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Parking: Emmans Road, Ledgewood; turn at Ledgewood Park/Morris Canal Park driveway, which is between #8 and #10 Emmans Road.