Veteran’s Park Trails

~ Many Trails to Choose From

Veteran’s Park offers 240 acres of wooded land containing four marked hiking trails, which require different levels of ability.

The blue trail, accessible at two separate trailheads, is mostly an unpaved road with slight hills. Suitable for walking and biking at most levels of ability; length of trail is approximately a mile and a half. Things to look for: large rock outcroppings, and two dirt bikes about 25’ up in the trees.

The gold trail, accessible on Patricia Drive and also at an intersection off of the blue trail, is one of the most challenging trails in town. It winds through the woods and is very narrow and rocky in places, with a distance of 3/4 of a mile. Things to look for: scenic overlook of the Succasunna valley, Table Rock, and other rock outcroppings.

AllTrails Veterans Blue and Yellow Loop Link

The green trail, accessible from Patricia Drive, is a loop trail approximately one mile long and is appropriate for children and adults for walking. Things to look for: scenic overlook and picnic area.

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The red trail is a loop trail, linking the blue and yellow trails. Explore the eastern side of Mooney Mountain on red’s technical trail winding its way through woodlands and rocky terrain. Start at the blue trail at the Mountain/Conkling trailhead; the red trail is .3 miles in on the left. This 1.5 mile trail connects with the yellow trail, and will loop to the blue trail. Total loop is three miles. Great hike for adventurous families!

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Parking:  45 Patricia Drive, Flanders, for all four trails; this parking area is highlighted on the map below. Parking is also available at 40 Conkling Road, Ledgewood, for the blue and red trails.

Veterans Park Kiosk Patricia Dr-2015