Ledgewood/Morris Canal Park Yellow Trail

Today was a beautiful day to walk this trail, located right by where Emmans Road and Mountain Road meet. Park in the lower lot, and take a moment to enjoy the view of the Ledgewood Basin. There’s an accessible wooden ramp/platform to fish from.

Walk straight up the Morris Canal’s incline plane, and take a peek into the water turbine. At the top of the incline plane, turn left onto the yellow trail. This part is very steep, but worth it once you reach the rock outcroppings. The trail is covered in moss; it feels like you are in a setting for a book with elves and hobbits. Turn around to see a view of the neighboring hillside, with Routes 46 and 80 in between.

Once past the boulder area, head down the back side of the mountain. Turn left on the easement road (blue trail), and soon turn right to follow the yellow/blue trail. There is a stream crossing; if the water is high, walk right, up stream, and find a rocky spot to safely cross the stream. Then it’s an easy walk to the upper parking lot; follow the driveway back to your car.

Want a guided hike on a Roxbury Trail? Just ask!


In November, we offered a guided hike, which wound up being lots of fun! Tom Edmunds guided a hike at Ledgewood Park, and provided lots of information on the Morris Canal which crossed through this park.


You too can request a guided hike… Just email Sandie at didomenicos@roxburynj.us.

Cub Scouts from Pack 163 asked for a guided hike at Black River Park…. This three mile hike was along three lakes, and a hike up Mine Hill. ┬áThe views from up top were beautiful!

Take an opportunity to enjoy these parks for you and your group!