Kayaking in Roxbury

Did you know that kayaks, canoes and rowboats are allowed at Black River Pond in Roxbury? To make it even more enticing, a future Eagle Scout has installed a dock to easily launch your watercraft from the shoreline.

Corey Smith completed his Eagle Scout Project on Saturday, October 3, 2020. The kayak launch dock is located at Black River Park in Succasunna (behind Suburban Furniture, the same pond that the Black River Barn is on).

Now you can set your kayak down and get into it without slipping in the mud. 

Corey learned a lot during this project. He came up with the idea, designed it, presented the idea for approvals, fundraised (not easy during a pandemic!), had the sponsors’ names engraved on the boards, bought all the necessary parts for the dock and ramp, built it, installed it and tested it out. He had a lot of people helping him along the way. A special thanks to everyone who made this project possible; especially Corey and his family, Mead Kriegsfeld, Troop 159 friends and all the people who made a donation. We hope everyone has the chance to stop by and take a look!

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