Spring Hike

A perfect secret of a hike that gets you outside without other people is Veteran Park’s Green Trail. it’s a loop trail that is 1.3 miles in length, and is fairly level; a great trail for someone just looking for a stroll in the forest. Drive up Mooney Mountain to Patricia Drive. Once you enter Veterans Park, look for the trail head sign on the right, and turn into the cleared parking area.

At the start, the trail splits (it’s the start and end of the loop) stay to the left and walk this well-marked trail. Soon you will be able to see the Succasunna Valley on your left. Views are best in the winter and spring before the foliage blocks the view. If you look carefully you can see the SSC Swim Club, Carey Road, and even the Flanders Valley Golf Course. You will come to a spot where the trails forms a T, head to the left for a picnic spot near a stone outcropping.

Linger awhile and enjoy the peaceful view. Head back the way you came, and stay left at the fork in the trail. You will find yourself in a gathering of silver birches, and then you will be parallel to Patricia Drive.

Enjoy your afternoon in these woods! Before you leave Veterans Park, drive to the end of Patricia Drive to see where the Blue Trail begins; an adventure for another day.

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