Fresh Air

These last couple of weeks have been pretty scary for all of us. Our main goal is to keep our family, friends and neighbors safe, and to be sure that we have enough TP. (At this point, I think we all do!)

For some of us, it’s rough being inside all day, but it is absolutely imperative that we practice social distancing. There is a way to get out without jeopardizing our health; in fact, some fresh air and exercise can do us some good.

Visit the trails near you. Roxbury has trails in Veterans Park, Ice Age Park, Black River Park, Ledgewood/Morris Canal Park, and Riggs Park. There’s also a beautiful, wide trail off of Horseshoe Lake called the West Morris Greenway, which is wide enough to accommodate social distancing and still walk side by side. Check out the pages on this site for parking, trail descriptions and maps.

Wednesday my friend and I hiked the blue trail at Veterans Park, and here’s some pics from our visit:

Most of this trail is wide enough to walk side by side and still maintain social distancing. Use these images for a scavenger hunt! It’s a great trail for kids too.

Let’s take our coronavirus lemons, and make lemonade by exploring nature in our area. Thanks for reading!

~ Sandie

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