Black River Park Clean-Up a Success!

Each spring, as part of its Earth Day observances, the Raritan Headwaters Association organizes clean-up programs along the banks of streams and rivers across the region. This is the fourth year in which Roxbury participated in this regional event. This year’s event on Saturday, April 16th took place at Black River Park, located on Main Street in Succasunna, and includes the Black River Pond. Over 40 volunteers including  residents, scouts, members from the Environmental Commission,  plus the Trails and Recreation Committees teamed up to make this  park a cleaner place for residents to enjoy. A special thanks to Ramsey Outdoors Store for providing four canoes to aid in the cleanup of the pond. Over eight bags of trash were removed from the pond’s edges alone, which could not have been accomplished without the use of the canoes. In total, approximately 30 bags of trash were removed from the park, including three tires and the metal coils from an old mattress.  A monofilament bin, to aid in recycling fishing line, was installed along the ponds edge. It takes 600 years for monofilament line to decompose in the environment. A car tire takes between 50-80 years to decompose.  Roxbury’s volunteers keep Roxbury clean!

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